Friday, January 20, 2023

You guessed it! Nature's Method of the Year is....long read sequencing...?


For those of us who are maybe occasionally still writing 2017 at the bottom of things when we sign them, you might also be heartened to know we aren't the only ones! 

2022's method of the year is what I HOPE that the students in our department totally think is the only way of doing sequencing, because I thought that was all anyone had been doing for at least the last 5 years.

I'm very confused. I'm glad for the long read sequencing people. Good for (what I hope is like literally all of you, why would you still be trying to reassemble little tiny oligostrings back into a complete story when you can have very long strings of oligos...?) Hey, good for genomics and really good for proteomics. It is MUCH easier to find peptides linked to long read sequencing data. 

I feel like a jerk, but last year's was pretty pertinent and up to date. This seems like one they forgot to get to in 2017, but that's okay, I have things I started in 2017 that I haven't finished. Most pressing is this huge tree I cut down, but it fell into another tree and has just been hanging right over my garage for years. I've had a professional out twice and they've said they'd come back, and then didn't. One day Imma wake up to no garage. I hope, because I'm typing this right now in the office I made in said garage and there is another alternative...

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