Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cyclic ion mobility can resolve closely related phosphopeptides of TAU in real brain samples!


Cyclic ion mobility? That sounds weird, right? I hardly need to use my ion mobility that goes in a straight line and often forget that it is even there.

But what if there are critical phosphorylation sites out there where a phospho on the 8th residue turns the protein on and the 10th and 13th residues all do something completely different?

Maybe it's time to crank up the spin cycle with this thing? 

That's what this group did

This is one of those pieces of hardware I know are out there and it seems like it could have some really cool applications, but I couldn't personally think of one. I could probably use one of my instruments and eventually resolve the three phosphopeptides they did here. Eventually. In a freaking brain lysate? Wait. Does this stupid thing have 4 prolines in it? With enough work you can do anything, but - ouch - now I know I could suggest annoying peptides like this to people like Matt Padula who have invested in this new technology cause here is a real reason to spin it up. 

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