Monday, May 31, 2021

No one told the vendors ASMS is delayed!

 Are you so done with webinars that you've considered going back to washing dishes in the back of a bar-b-que joint? (I encourage you to take a step back and think hard first, you might only look back on that period of your life with fondness because being 21 was awesome. The job that paid for your books and cheap beer might not have been that great. Yo, you do you, though.) 

Well, do I ever have great news for you! No one told the instrument vendors that we're all going to be in Philadelphia for Halloween, and they've lined up a solid month of virtual meetings and webinars for us! Put on those away messages to let collaborators know you'll get their data to them in July sometime, they'll understand. 

Dr. Chris Ashwood was nice enough to organize this month out for us (Thanks!!!).

You can find the Tweets directly here

I stole the links and put them here. 

Bruker is June 1-3

Thermo is June 8-10

Waters is June 8

Sciex is June 17 

Okay, I guess it isn't a whole month, better change that O.O office reply. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Last call for abstracts for e-MSB! Show off your best microseparations!

I keep forgetting to post this! 

This year microscale separations is virtual and this is your last chance to get in your abstracts! As cool as mass specs are we still have to do some sort of separations for more things! 

You can register here

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Forensic proteomics identifies what killed a toddler in Canada

No jokes for this one. This sobering new study demonstrates a remarkable amount of work performed using forensic proteomics which ends up identifying the snake venom in deceased child. This led to the arrest of a person who kept exotic snakes as pets. 

This work was performed on a Bruker Impact II, and if you're reading this blog I probably don't have to tell you how complex human blood is or how hard it is to work with. This group ended up searching over 6 million MS/MS spectra to get deep enough to build this evidence from the array of fractionation methods described in the image above. 

You can read about this work here

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The COV-MS paper is out! Details of the community developed SARS-CoV-2 LCMS Assay!

It was super cool being on the outside and watching this awesome resource come together from this multinational team. Of course, the first priority was getting assays live and the final paper was something to get out later., but it's finally here. It's such an interesting read! 100% recommended, even if you burnt out on COVID papers 11 months ago. 

I'd personally like to thank these 100 authors for the shoutout for our team's preprints even if they are pointing out that our models were far too strict. There just was no precedence for a virus that produces proteins at these concentrations in humans. Some peptides we predicted couldn't be used due to background interference from human or from the human microbiome ended up being great markers because SARS-CoV-2 makes such a high concentration of them! 

Super cool work and I hope this is a precedence for what the LCMS community can do when working together, rather than a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence brought on by an event that will never happen again!