Where can I learn mass spectrometry and proteomics?

This question comes up a lot. As all of mass spectrometry invades new fields and continues to expand (with proteomics, for now, possibly leading the way), and the University systems not quite keeping up (Yo, professors -- where are the mass spectrometry degrees already!?!?! Who wants to hire a new graduate who has a degree that says "mass spectrometry" on it. Please raise your hands!) where do you learn the skills to enter this field?

Fortunately this list is continuing to grow all the time (finally!). If you know of one that I should add, please email me directly: orsburn@vt.edu!  In no particular order!

The MSBM -- this year hosted in Dubrovnik! You can find out more here.

EuPA Summer and Winter Schools! 2019 dates aren't set yet, but you can find out more here (Eu stands for "Europe"). I've been lucky enough to help out with one of these and successfully miss 2 others!

Cold Spring Harbor Labs Annual Proteomics and Metabolomics Courses! I've also lucked out and assisted with 2 of these over the years. They aren't scheduled for 2019, but when they are you'll find that info here!

NCQBCS Annual Summer School! This one is new, but I know two people who have attended and had nothing but positive things to say about it. Wisconsin in the summer? The weather is aweseome, and there are some people around Madison who know a thing or two about proteomics.

The Metabolomics Workbench hosts multiple training opportunities around the world and around the year. You can find more about them here!

Every other year the Wageningen University and Research Graduate School (in the Netherlands!) hosts an Advanced Proteomics Course. The next one is May 7th 2019 and as I'm typing this spots are still available. Highlights? You can bring your own sample. You learn how to digest your sample, you run your sample and you process the data in MaxQuant. How cool is that?!?!?  You can find information and register for the course here!

SKYLINE!  I totally didn't forget Skyline, right!?!? Skyline is amazing software that is somehow getting more powerful by the day, but it is so loaded with capabilities that it can be hard to get started with. Yes, this team makes amazing tutorial stuff with real files you can download and walk through, but Skyline workshops feature power users of the software and the developers themselves. You bring a laptop with the software and get a couple days of hands-on. You can find a constantly updated list of Skyline meetings and workshops here.


What about Proteomics in Indonesia!?? I've been informed it is a small but growing community and there is a course coming up in April 2019!

Want more information about the workshop? It's here (click to expand)--

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