Where can I find proteomics data online?

Proteomics data keeps getting bigger (and better!) all the time. While maybe not at the level of problems our colleagues in imaging and transcriptomics are having, storing and transferring proteomics data is tough.

The ProteomeXchange is a gateway into the most used proteomics repositories on earth and is the easiest way to find the files you are looking for!

What about cancer specific proteomic data? Here you go! 

The National Cancer Institute hosts the RAW and processed data from the CPTAC initiatives (and other associated projects). The new Aspera download manager is an absolute joy to work with. Worth noting -- CPTAC projects are never small. Expect that you'll need a lot of space if you want this RAW data (I generally get 30GB chunks).

Want even more Omics Data? Say no more! You need the Omics Discovery Index!
Proteomics? Check!
Transcriptomics? Check!

(Check! Wait...something is totally up with that board, right...?)

(Please note -- I'm not affiliated in any way with these super awesome projects, but if I direct 1 person to these amazing resources making this page was totally worth 15 minutes of my time.)

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  1. The MassIVE repository also hosts lots of mass spec data that are publicly available: