Friday, January 27, 2023

MS-Ana -- Big DDA spectral library searches with really cool statistics!


I got MS Ana in Vienna at when I was lucky enough to speak at the Proteomics Summer School thing about 1 pandemic ago and have mentioned it on the blog a couple of times. 

And the paper is finally out! 

In some regards, it might not matter to you how much great MS Ana is, particularly if you are using the free versions of Proteome Discoverererer. Starting in the 2.5 (I think?) PD viewer, MSPepSearch requires a commercial license from Thermo. 

BOOM -- MS Ana restores your ability to do spectral library searches! 

Even better? MS Ana gives you cool abilities like choosing how your decoy spectral library is generated. And it generated column after column of statistics on your peptide spectral matches that you can use to evaluate your forward and decoy match data! 

(Mirror plots are awesome) 

Also, are you one of those weirdos who hates Proteome Discoverererer? Guess what, weirdo, there is a rocket fast stand alone version! 

You can get both at or directly at the MS-Ana page here

I do want to send a special shoutout to this team for helping me with this tool and sharing this manuscript while it was in review. I couldn't have got my first ever paper in JPR without it. (I guess I'm like 14th author on something I honestly did less than 1/14ths of). I also couldn't have gotten that paper without the help of a bunch of other people. The acknowledgement section might have been longer than the paper itself if I hadn't just thanked #MassSpecTwitter as a group.  

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