Saturday, January 21, 2023

Time to adjust that textbook! A whole new set of DNA Damage Repair Proteins (in 2022??)!


You know...I'd be more blown away by this if I wasn't grappling every day with the fact that we don't actually really understand how human cellular division works. (Everything we know has been measured at transcriptional rates! And they don't line up very well at all because not every process in cellular division waits till we build up a whole bunch of mRNA. A lot of it is depolymerizing and reusing what is actually there.


It's 20freaking22 or whatever it is! We obviously know every protein that is involved in DNA damage repair! 

This study makes a very good argument, we do not and here is a couple more! 

They do some solid proteomics and then go back and do some even more solid molecular biology. Knockout these proteins and try that experiment again? These things are important! 

Imagine you just got back from the printers the 3rd edition of your textbook you sent out for printing in 2019 and some bozos with a mass spectrometer totally screw up Chapter 4?!? 

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