Sunday, January 8, 2023

SyntheDIA -- Simulate your sample for experiment optimization!


Yo, you know what ain't getting cheaper? Instruments and instrument time! You'd think with all the competition out there now, we'll soon see vendors competing with pricing, and I bet we will soon. (For real, we should share pricing information, somebody put up a post on Reddit where you can put your quote information in).

One way you could save time and maybe a lot of money is not running optimization experiments for new samples (or for getting to the proteins you actually care about).

That's what SyntheDIA is! 

You can read about it here

Or you can check it out (along with some disclaimers that I didn't find immediately apparent in the paper itself) at

If you just type it into a search engine you'll find that most of them think you are terrible at typing and you mean to swap the D to an S. 

The web interface can directly do some SyntheDIAing for you, but if you want to do more than a couple of files you can install it locally. The authors are also open to collaborating (which is a really smart thing to have listed on a cool resource). 

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