Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Prep hundreds (or thousands) of single cell proteomics samples in a single day!


Want to get going in single cell proteomics? Here is even more resources! 

Check out how unbelievably cool this JOVE protocol is from the Slavov lab!  The video protocol for SCOPE2 is freaking amazing. 

No joke. There is like an 11 minute video explained by the scientists at NorthEastern university -- step by step, that would allow you to prep hundreds and hundreds of single cell proteomics samples per day. 

How did I find the amazing NorthEastern video? I was considering doing a JOVE video and then I felt like a dumb person for not looking this up first. 


Single cell proteomics doesn't have to be terrifying. It can be approachable today and there are great resources to get you going. 

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