Saturday, January 28, 2023

US-HUPO LFQ Battle Royale -- Sunday, March 5th at 4:30pm!

We have TOO MANY WAYS to do label free proteomics quantification today. 

What we should do is hunt down the most die hard specialists of each one together -- with some folding chairs -- and leave Chicago with at least one less than we flew in with! 

I don't actually know if that is what we're doing, but it is a funny thought. 

I have my opinions. I bet everyone who shows up will have theirs. Maybe we still need more than one method for doing LFQ based proteomics. Do we still need 45? Maybe? But I bet a bunch of us in a room with some folding chairs can sort it out! 

As an aside, it just came to my attention that when I use the "line through text" button on this blog it DOES NOT DO THE SAME THING AS MICROSOFT TRACK CHANGES. 

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