Monday, January 23, 2023

Save 19 hours per multiomics prep with BAMM!!


Multiomics sample prep is totally doable, but it takes a long time and can have a load of steps!

Some people in Wisconsin who do a lot of multiomics did the math and came up with about 19 hours to do a good multiomics prep. 

They asked Emeril and he said...that's too long for anything, you need.... might get depends on what you think of Emeril. (I've made this recipe about 20 times over the years. I sub out the dead bird for grilled eggplant and it is super legit.)

This is what they came up with!

Of course, "multiomics" means different things to different people. For genomics people it is often, "I looked at nucleotides in 3 different ways."

Some of the cleanest proteomics samples I've ever gotten in my life were left overs from where people had done lipidomics and metabolomics extraction and the proteins were sort of just left overs. CLEAN PROTEIN remains. So, this makes all sorts of sense to me.

Total prep time? 3 hours! 

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