Thursday, January 26, 2023

Label free single (big) cell proteomics in 11.5 minutes per sample??


This is a preprint, so all the preprint disclaimers apply here, but Simion Kreimer is just about the baddest mass spectrometrist on this planet so I'm cool with wagering just about anything that this will be in press soon. 

Recently Dr. Kreimer (who might have the coolest job title ever) et al., demonstrated a really fast valve switching double loading method for proteomic sample analysis. It recently showed up in ACS here. And if you've been at any conference in the last 2 years you've probably heard the amazing Dr. Van Eyk talk about how important single cell proteomics is to understanding cardiac diseases.

100 single cells per day! LABEL FREE! 

The ability to discern between cell types! 

Yes, cardiac cells are sort of big, but cardiomyocytes are miserable to work with (95% of all protein is 4-10  proteins!) and this group is hitting 1,000 proteins per cell.


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