Monday, January 30, 2023

The need for new biomarkers in ALS!


I've had a scholar alert up for quite a while for ALS proteomics and this nice review puts into perspective where proteomics can have a major impact in at terrifying human disease.

I also have a poster up in my office at Hopkins so it is the first thing I see when I walk in because it is the poster from the long long ago ALS community challenge. I'm going to leave the poster up until this paper is written. When the senior author on the planned paper (and the only person who knew anything about the disease) was lost to it, the study lost all momentum, but the data is really really cool and we had a draft going. 

HEY YOU. Yes, you. Would you like to help finish it? Contact me! I've got tons of notes and an outline and amazing data from like 10 different groups who all found really interesting things in it.

My favorite is a glycopeptide that almost every group identified that, as best I can tell, has never been seen before (from the ASMS Halloween poster): 

Now, there is some disagreement between Byonic, ANN-SoLo, MetaMorpheus, Byonic and MaxQuant as to the sugar monomers (since, you know, the whole sugar monomers having the same stupid mass in a lot of cases and the relative libraries/approaches they used) but the MSFragger team found that after batch corrections this thing is certainly differential. A rotation student in our lab helped me pull out the original spectra and we hand checked them. Definitely real (though I can't say the monomers either). Some groups found a second glycan length at the same place. 

Seriously, check out that awesome review to get motivated and if you want to help those authors reach their goals of finding some new proteomic biomarkers for the disease, a huge dataset is sitting right here. I'll send it right over. 

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