Thursday, January 19, 2023

DIA for PTMs? This group tests DIA-NN vs SpectroNaut vs MaxDIA (etc) for DIA phospho!


One of the last remaining arguments for the dDa crowd like me is PTMs! When that domino falls (if possible), we'll see a full paradigm shift.

A lot of time when people talk about PTMs in proteomics they just mean "phosphoproteomics" and a lot of tools let try to look for them.

How do they stack up? You don't have to do it yourself, this team tried them all out! 

Worth noting, after 3 months of waiting for my university to issue a PO, I just downloaded SpectroNaut 17 and this paper used 16. 

Bonus -- you get to see an HF-X vs a TIMSTOFPro for DIA! 

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