Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Quantum SI is out! Slowly sequence one protein at all! No mass spec required!


Do you just want to sequence one protein? 

Do you really want to avoid those weirdos at a mass spec core? 

Do you prefer instruments you can carry around if you want? 

Well do I ever have a solution for you! The Quantum SI Palladium is finally out! They hired a friend of mine a long time ago and it was all secret what she was doing.

You get a PCR sized thing and you never go to that mass spec core again as long as you only want to do one protein at a time. This thing sequences your one protein on your benchtop #1 or number 3 or at lunch at a restaurant with you. You buy these reagent kits and while it is error prone, you give it so much protein that it eventually gets it right! 

Actually there is a paper in Science about it, but it's paywalled. 

DISCLAIMERS OVER THERE! I literally don't know how this thing works. 

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