Monday, September 11, 2023

Oktoberfest -- Easy local PROSIT deep learning/rescoring stuff!

IT'S SEPTEMBER!?!??! Okay.....deep calming breaths..... ready for Oktoberfest? No, not a crappy 2000s coming of age comedy that is probably reran on Fox networks during the day for the 11 people in the world who can watch 19 minutes of commercials for every 2 minutes of crappy 2000s coming of age movies.


Honestly, I'm just typing really fast while waiting for my espresso. I haven't tried this, but I probably will. Easier deep learning tools? Sign me up. 

They do test this versus earlier versions of Prosit and with what appears to be HLA class 1 and it is much better and it has functions that you can only access on PrositDB while waiting your turn. All good stuff! 

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