Monday, September 18, 2023

It's a wrap! THE Proteomics Show Podcast Season 2 ends(?) with a famous science author!


Do you know Dr. Rachel Lance? If not, she's a super cool scientist and science writer. She writes for Time Magazine sometimes, and Wired a lot, and wrote a best seller about historic submarines and she gets people to go into pools and then throws bombs in the pool with them and get this -- she's interested enough in Proteomics that she agreed to be on THE Proteomics Show Podcast. 

Are you asking yourself....wait....didn't you say something about the US Human Proteomics Organization sponsored your show for a second season so you could interview the people who make US HUPO what it is? Yes, they did, but you know how the plenary at a big conference is always someone loosely associated that does really cool stuff and you wonder "did the people in charge just do this because they wanted to talk to someone cool and famous (but maybe they didn't want to offend anyone by bringing in a plenary from inside their own field)?" We had some people who couldn't do the show so we interviewed a famous scientist and writer. 

Don't like it, get you own proteomics podcast. I'll totally listen to yours! (Not joking) 

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