Thursday, September 14, 2023

I approved like 200 comments on this blog!


What are the stages of grant writing? I'm somewhere between writing multiple book chapters I was procrastinating on and regretting every decision I made regarding my career since 2017.

So...I can't disable comments on the blog for some reason. Probably because I'm dumb, but I put up a post around 2020 that said "please don't post comments" because I get about 14 things telling me how to buy narcotics with Bitcoin each day and a whole lot more telling me how I "can get my hair back" and I can't imagine how the latter could possibly apply to me. And I don't support purchasing narcotics that aren't prescribed by a real doctor, and if you were going to get them, 100% absolutely traceable Bitcoins - because that's the whole point of the blockchain that fossil fuel eating stupid thing is based on - is probably the worst way to purchase them. 

In there somewhere are people who have put really smart comments on these not nearly as smart blog posts. I found like 200 of them! If you get a weird notification from me from 3 years ago, this is the reason.

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  1. I made a comment a few years ago but it never got posted. 🤞