Friday, September 22, 2023

Hate your nanospray source? 3D print a better one!



Okay, JASMS (Journal of the Ablebodied Sapiens of Mass Spectrometry) is on FIRE this month. I have to really read the next one before I post on it, but I don't have to take notes on a print out of this one to figure out that I like it. 

The pages are labeled A, B, C, D and D is just references! 

Just a reminder you've always been able to make your own  nanospray source for Thermo instruments thanks to UWPR (last I checked in on it, the source would cost you about $150 to build. Given inflation the last 4 years, maybe $350 today?) 

But I ain't seen one for anything but Thermo instruments and this is a really cool step! 

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