Sunday, September 17, 2023

Proteomics reveals that METH (yes, real METH) is bad for mice! And why!


Methylamphetamine isn't a funny thing. Writing it METH like you're screaming it 212 times in a proteomics paper, after giving it to a bunch of mice, also isn't funny.

Then why do it? Because as bad as METH is, we don't actually really know why it has many of the really terrible side effects we know it does. 

Proteomics speeding to the rescue! 

Not funny AND that's a rabbit, I think.

In this study these researchers got a bunch of meth and put it in water bottles and let the mice drink it, or have the option to not drink it, or drink a LOT of it) and they did the last thing.

Then they let the mice recover from being METH addicts and they did the logical thing in every regard of chopping them up into little bits and doing SWATH based proteomics on them. 

Don't worry, this isn't just one of those gave mice drugs and chopped them up studies, this group found a lot of new information on the fundamental causes of METH toxicity. AND they found a really pivotal role that Melatonin plays in recovering from METH addiction. It's an altogether solid study and worth a read. 

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