Saturday, September 2, 2023

Seer nanoparticles + Astral (Asstral?) = 6,000 proteins in plasma??

 Well......this is crazy....,000 proteins in plasma is generally something reserved for fiction or especially scammy proteomics startup companies, or those next gen things that we still don't have evidence work at all with any quantitative accuracy. 

What might be most impressive is how much of this is actually the Seer nanoparticle technology vs. how much is the OrbiToF. The figures are broken up for publication, but I'd recommend checking out Figure 3B which is the Seer technology things vs a neat plasma digest on the Exploris 480 - BIG NUMBERS out of a 4 year old instrument!  Now....the abstract says 6k proteins for the Asstral, but I'm having trouble figuring out the numbers from the body of the text support this statement in the abstract. Either way - big numbers. And some of the highest I've ever seen for plasma (from reputable sources). 

Like the prominent proteomic scientist Bini Ramachandran stated earlier this morning on social media, I'm also struggling some with the quantitative comparisons. What I think they are doing is using a spike in of known ratios to estimate their true ratio compression. That way when they look at a protein that appears to be a certain ratio (observed) they can decompress it to true. However, this is my second paper this morning and I really have to go figure out what is up with a QQQ an hour drive from where I'm sitting, so I can't put more time into it. 

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