Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Is it time for Proteomics Social Media to head to the Blue Sky?


Hey - I tell you what, I LOVED Twitter. It said I had an account for like 11 years? But I really didn't start using until a lot later than that. I bet 75% of the papers that have ended up posted on this blog were from Twitter. 

Then - you know what happened?  - I don't. Reddit uses terms like "Phony Stark" and "Apartheid Clyde" and puts pictures of Data from Star Trek TNG beating up random aliens. I don't know what is going on or what any of that means. I was a huge Star Trek TNG fan (having 2 channels in the 1980s/1990s will make you a fan of anything) and I wouldn't fight Data either. But now Twitter is called XXX or something and there are ads everywhere.

I tried to abandon ship when it first started getting weird but the content coming in was so good and convenient, but now it is just ads. And ads, and randomly a reminder that basically every person in proteomics is an old white guy (something I really truly care about fixing the perception of, because, while it is mostly the case, it isn't completely the case) 

Smart cool young people have been talking about BlueSky (yes, Jordan counts as cool in my book. Probably intentional wacky probably ironic 80s look? Check! Cooler if he wasn't being ironic about it? You betcha! Cool mentors?  Paul Stemmer and now works for Birgit Schilling? Crap. That's some pedigree. Check! Is trying to do wacko hard PTMs by DIA? Fucking right, that's a check in the cool column.) for a while. (Just throwing this in because Jordan was waaaay ahead of the curve on this and all the genomics bioinformatics people have already jumped ship and i feel like an old nerd.) If you aren't on the inside "Proteomics Radio Hour" group of people, I'm talking about this rising star in our field

From the picture at the top- it looks like even a slow person like me can pick it up? That looks the same? Do I not have to learn anything at all? Hashtags don't work? I didn't know how to use those anyway! 

And this weird guy I've heard of put up resources! Check them out here

Honestly, maybe Mastodon is still the answer, I don't know, but I feel like my publicly (and self) funded research is lending credibility to something very bad now, so it's time to go. 

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