Monday, November 20, 2023

TIMSControl 5.0 fixes many of my favorite things to complain about on TIMSTOFs!


WHAT??? Okay, so I'm starting to run out of things to complain about. I'll find something. Don't you worry. But this has driven me crazy for 3 years. While you're acquiring data on a TIMSTOF you can't edit your method. Honestly, for most things, just run the default method. But if you're trying to do something stupid, like - I dunno - simultaneously do proteomics and metabolomics - and you have to constantly screw with a lot of settings you have to make 10 or 20 instrument methods - then run your samples and evaluate them after. It's tough to realize you did something dumb in the middle of a queue and then fix it. 


You can also toss out your profile spectra and just collect your line spectra! That should cut some file sizes down (but - if you like profile spectra that might be bad for you later? Meh. All our hard drives our bright red and MASSIVE keeps telling me I'm 600GB over the limit. Smaller data sizes sound okay to me....

Flag when it's time to calibrate? 

For those of you who are in clean facilities with modern functional HVAC, this will be useful to you. On Monday my lab hit 94F (34.0C wasn't the highest this QE reported as "ambient") and due to all the dust, we have to change our captivespray filters every week or two, so reminders won't really be helpful for us. We basically calibrate every day or two depending on the environmental conditions. 

OH CRAP - IN BATCH CALIBRATION??? We'll use the fuck out of this! 

There was extra features I don't know about, but from a usability standpoint this is huge for us. 

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