Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Proteomics Journal Page Charges - the 2024 list!


I've got a minor crisis submitting to ACS journals since they're over my credit card limit ($4k, or $3,750 with our institutional discount - I can't charge over $3499.99). This is the same for JASMS, btw.

I can afford the page fees - for real - but since it has to go to PO - they'll issue those funds when they...feel like it..... And if I have the audacity to ask when that is, they'll push it to the bottom of the pile. My OA fees from a paper in JPR accepted in January were paid in August.  Update: Because I'm citing papers stuck in OA release purgatory I was able to get my OA fees through purchasing thanks to my front office going above and beyond in pushing these through in just 6 weeks (thanks Debbie!!)! So I don't think I'm currently in collections with ACS/Rights Link until we get the proofs out for the next 2 papers...


Are there places I can submit my data that fall under my credit card limit? (I am required by my funders to comply with open access mandates).

What about those nitpicky nerds at Molecular and Cellular Proteomics? $2,800!! (after the 2024 increase). Hmmm....okay....maybe I should stop calling them nerds all the time.... Now...the reason no one ever cites MCP papers is that THERE IS NO "CITE THIS PAPER" BUTTON ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THEIR ARTICLES, so you have to manually type all the info into your citation manager? I honestly don't know how other people do it. Like every normal person I just don't cite MCP papers. I ain't got a week to find out how to cite it. There is always some review somewhere that I can cite instead, probably at a journal where it is actually easy to automatically add that paper to my citation manager. 

Wiley Proteomics is free to publish, but $4430 for open access fees. Ouch... I always forget that one is a thing. Not a winner. 

Elsevier has a proteomics journal...? Of course they do! It's called Journal of Proteomics. $3450. a pinch, I guess.... they probably require that they encrypt a folder on your hard drive if you do submit to them, but...meh....

Clinical proteomics appears to still be in business...? Yup, still there! And OA is $2490

Proteomes has always been the most affordable option, once you figure out how many Swiss Francs are in $1USD, but - like everything else in the world, it's creeping up as well. After conversion today $2032, but that's before institutional discounts, which are typically considerable. They also don't check them well. Since I still have my grad school email and they get a bigger discount, I just pay with credit card under that email address. That's a joke. I wouldn't do something like that to just save like 300 Swiss Francs, whatever that turns out to be in real money. 

Worth considering, Scientific Reports likes proteomics data and it's $2490. According to them, it is the most cited journal in the world, so it sounds like a good deal even if the impact factor isn't a positive number. 

I read a lot of preprints and assume most people do, but a lot of people don't count them toward your productivity. I can't even type them into the reports that people examine at my work to see whether I still have a job after May, so we've worked out this equation at home where we assume each 1 published paper ~ 5 preprints. 

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