Wednesday, November 22, 2023

A practical beginner's guide to bottom up proteomics - and a better mechanism for teaching -omics?


Okay, Martin's on this 2 times, but I always try to cut the entire author's list and this one took 3 pages of screenshots.

How do you get new trainees passionate about proteomics up to speed? Send them your 15 favorite academic papers? Give them a great textbook that was old when it was published? 

Are living documents like this what we should be doing for the next generation of scientists instead?

Honestly, this sort of thing seems to work out really well for the other -omics. I like the marked up copy of Hadley's book in my office, but it sure is faster to find things on his old webpage! 

I didn't even know you could build something like this through Github and - I do have to say - it might be intimidating for someone who is really new to this stuff, but it is a nice step in the right direction. 

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