Saturday, November 25, 2023

Ready to SWIM? Sliding windows allow TIMS at ultra-narrow (GC, even!) peak widths!


In 5 years we'll stop getting new TIMS methods and will settle on the 11 or so that the majority of us will use. Of course, the inventors of their own will stick to them resolutely until their retirement, but about 25% of mass spectrometrists will have the acronyms straight.

Ready for the next one? SWIM time! 

One of the things that is super cool here is that they linked a Bruker (??) GC to a TIMSTOF Pro II by an APCI source, because. apparently that is something you can do....

So....I can't use TIMS when I'm using MALDI? But you can run TIMS in ESI, APCI, and DESI? Weird. But one of the big hangups for GC in high res is that high res is often too slow or too insensitive. So here you go, trapped ion mobility fixes both. My last GC single quad was $44k and a Pro 2 is a bit more than that.

Super cool study, though! 

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