Thursday, November 23, 2023

Huge congrats to this year's US HUPO Association Award Winners!


Man, for years I kept forgetting that US HUPO was a thing. All the way up to not even knowing about the meeting when it was in DC and I was just working like 8 miles away. I only went to the one in Charleston because I was afraid that my friend tricked them into having the meeting there and no one would attend. Now I'm occasionally involved in US HUPO things and I'm on the mailing list and in Chicago I found out they give out awards to people - and they gave all 4 to people that I honestly think are good people doing important things. Who weird is that? 

Big congrats to all 4 winners! my interpretation of the way the world works is that we are not justifiedt to have all these people on the podcast and to send the bill for editing to US HUPO! 

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