Monday, November 27, 2023

Single cell proteomics and single cell mass spectrometry meetings 2024!

In 2023 I was lucky enough to get invited to show off new data at every single cell proteomics and single cell mass spectrometry meeting of the whole year! There were a bunch...

My 2024 is up in the air and I can't really schedule anything after May, so I'll probably watch from afar this year, with a healthy dose of FOMO. 

As requested by a world famous single cell proteomics researcher in Canada, here is the breakdown of 2024 conferences. 

The first one of the year is clearly on this weird Spanish island that I definitely can't find on a map! 
JnM January 7-12, 2024

Placeholder here for iSCMS, which is in Europe somewhere! When I get a date, I'll add it. 

THE OG SCP conference is a week or so earlier this year. The Slavov group likes to have this before or after ASMS so people coming into the US can drop by this phenomenal little meeting on their way too or from the crazy big mass spec thing (which is at DisneyLand/world? or something this year)! 

 ESCP 2024 August 27th-August 28th 2024!  VIENNA! 

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