Saturday, November 11, 2023

EuBiC Winter School registration is closing soon! Come to Winterberg!


I have a bunch of conferences on my career bucket list and it's time to check off EuBiC Winter School! Early bird registration is closing really soon and then your stuck with late bird registration.

Check out the cool site they have with feedback from 2022 Winter School! 

I tried and failed to get to Winter School 2019 - some evil people allowed our government to shut down so long we didn't have air traffic controllers and I literally couldn't get off the runway. 

Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait.

OH YEAH one thing that isn't on the program yet is that Ben Neely and I have a workshop on how to distort social media to the benefit of science. As part of the workshop we'll walk you through how to make a science podcast in the hopes that you'll make a better science podcast that we'll listen to so we can stop making our mediocre one. 

ON THAT NOTE - If you missed the US HUPO Proteomics Quan Battle Royale. We ripped the audio from it to make a new podcast. You can listen to that where you get podcasts. 

I just pulled this up -- the bar is very low for podcasts in Australia! You could come to our workshop and take this over 3 days later. 

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