Sunday, November 19, 2023

The social and structural yeast protein interactome!


Well...this wasn't what I was expecting to see today! 

4,159 GFP tagged proteins (all of the yeast ones?)

Yeast grown and lysed (and digested?) in 96 well plates.

22 minute EvoSep runs (EvoSep 60, rapidly becoming my favorite LC method). 

Beautiful website!

Website may have a glitch behind the scenes? I can't look at all of the proteins. The pull-down looks like it might have a maximum number of entries and it stops part way through. Mostly putting this comment here for the authors to maybe find.

I think we'll start to see an avalanche soon of studies where people think things like - I only need 0.1% of the material for this experiment that I used to. And...I can see all the proteins in this organism in like 10 minutes. Let's do something crazy huge! 

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