Sunday, November 12, 2023

Incorporation of a virtual proteomics experiment into undergraduate curriculum!


I LOVE this idea and great recent paper! 

Now, if you've been to some vendor sponsored workshops recently you've probably heard things like "with our complete solution you don't need experience to generate great proteomics data, just give us >$1e7 and find someone who can read and you'll be rich". 

I'm not sure how much I can say about this, but recently a vendor said something like that to some people who were stupid enough to believe them -- they failed (surprise!) and they sued the vendor for >$1e8't work out for the vendor....

What this paper suggests is that maybe - just maybe - we can start inserting proteomics experiments - and associated understanding into undergraduate courses! Proteomics is increasingly ubiquitious. Informed people are going to make better judgements, and come up with better experiments and this amazing little study suggests we can start making big strides right now! Then you could sort of be the compromise between - "don't worry, our instruments literally run themselves lawsuits" and the whole thing happening right now where there are lots of proteomics jobs and there aren't anywhere near enough people to fill them, so they're getting filled by people who think "proteomics" is that ELISA or Western Blot they ran in their third year of grad school. Maybe if we had people graduating with some basic skills in the area both crises might just fade out!  

So this paper is 100.0% recommended! 

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