Friday, November 24, 2023

Deep quantitative proteomics of human brain cells in culture dosed with CBD or THC! for something completely different and suprising! (honestly thought I'd posted this a couple weeks ago). 

Immortalized human neural lines doesed with mock controls or THC or CBD. These are the isomers in cannabis that there have been so many "miraculous medical discoveries" about in the last few years that it's pretty easy to assume they don't actually do anything at all. Though...I guess there is pretty good evidence that THC does at least one thing, so maybe my skepticism is just running amuck. Amock? Ummuck? Didn't this thing have a spelling and grammar check? Am I just rampantly leaving words out of paper titles? 

The quan is super solid, as you'd expect and 24 offline fractions aided by real time search MS3 means the coverage is superb. And - clear alterations in proteomic response and -- they're different between the two unmuck your first thoughts here. In at least one cell line in a petri dish you can change the proteins expressed by dosing with these compounds!

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