Friday, November 17, 2023

ProteomeXchange got a glow up and provides deep insight into proteomics today!


I went to look and see if I remembered to make some things public and - BOOM - way nicer ProteomeXchange front page with all sorts of really cool insight into the state of proteomics today!

Just zooming in - check this out! 

The majority of publicly available data is human, by quite a margin! Honestly, I figured mouse would be a lot closer. And I'm sad to see my old nemesis scumbag arabidopsis is number 5. 14 years out I've almost recovered from Arabidopsis saturation from going to a land grant agriculture university. 

It's novemeber of 2023 and we've got to get some submissions up! 2022 was a bigger year for proteomics? Some of y'all are running 3 minute gradients!

Zooming in again! The great Q Exactive is - hands down - it isn't even remotely close - the instrument the vast majority of publicly available studies have been ran on. 

And - get this - some of those other blocks are where someone actually put in the model of Q Exactive. The HF is second place! with 3,500.  The QE Plus has over 1,000 studies and the newest/last Q Exactive, the HF-X has almost 800. There are a bunch of those out there churning through samples - so I expect that number to climb for the next 5 years or so. 

The Exploris just misses the top 10 as 11th and the TIMSTOF Pro checks in at 13th. TripleTOF is the only not Thermo vendor in the top10 at 1500 studies.

The TIMSTOFs are definitely diluted a little because they drop a new model every 6 months to 1 year. For example, none of my group's work is counted in the TIMSTOF Pro numbers because we're TIMSTOF Flex and SCP. 

Super cool stuff! How often can you get this sort of insight into an entire field in just a glance. Bravo to the consortium for this smart new interface.

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