Friday, November 18, 2022

THE PROTEOMICS SHOW is now live, wherever you get podcasts!


Have you ever thought "wow, I sure wish I could listen to Dr. Neely and a dude who sounds like a Muppet interview some super interesting proteomics people on my commute?"

I sure as hell have and Dr. Neely and I made a pact at US HUPO 2021 that if no one else was gonna do it, it was obviously our responsibility to make this happen. Fast forward like 8 months ---

The Proteomics Show Series "The Road to Chicago" series episode #1 is now live. 

The goal of this podcast series is to let you in on the awesome talks that are happening in sunny Chicago in March and why you want to join us at US HUPO 2023! 

Don't know how to do podcasts? Me neither. But, honest to dog, if you go to your Macintosh phone, there is a Podcast App on it!. And you type in "the proteomics show" or even just "proteomics show" or maybe "just proteomics" and -- BOOOOM.

Don't like the phones with the weird bitten apple on the back? Too bad. Psyche. A few minutes ago episode #1 went live on Amazon and Spotify (Google is being slow).

This couldn't have happened without the people we try hard to credit in every upcoming episode:

Johannes W. Bagnoli who made the totally sick death metal intro. If you think you've heard something cooler than this dude screaming "PROOOOOOOOOOOOTEOOOOOOOOMICS" over a killer guitar riff, something is wrong with one of us. 

Huge shoutout to Kaylie Kirkwood (@KaylieKirkwood) for making this super cool and professional artwork. 

AND to US HUPO, especially the VMO group for helping us find guests and letting us do this and for sponsoring the costs, which are primarily a professional to edit whatever Dr. Neely is rambling about into some semblance of reason. 

AND ESPECIALLY OF COURSE our guests who have taken time out of their lives to tell us cool stuff while we clearly have no idea what we're doing. 

A bunch are recorded. Several are edited. And we'll keep posting these. 

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