Sunday, November 6, 2022

Localize all the PTMs with a little python script you can drop anywhere!


Not every software goes above and beyond in localizing a PTM. And, I tell you what, some of these pesky biologists seem to think knowing where that PTM is critically important information.

Of course, we have things like AScore (well...some and ptmRS for some pipelines.

Why would we need another? 

I can easily email you pyAscore. Hell, I can mail you a floppy disk if you really need it and that's how you roll. Even after you unzip the program it is kB size! 

Drop this little bit of code in any pipeline you want. It is compatible with everything and now you can get that pesky biologist off your back without manually annotating the spectra they care about (maybe at least look at it, particularly if they are really pesky and S-174 turns the thing they care about on and T-177 turns the stupid thing off. 

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