Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Revealing the Mucinome!


This one has been on my desktop since the summer and keeps slipping through the cracks to talk about.

The study is open access so I'm going to zoom in and highlight something that is strongly implied by the figure abstract image at the top.

LOOK AT HOW GLYCOSYLATED THESE F'ING THINGS ARE! Why would anyone even consider working on the mucinome? 

Unfortunately, these things are linked to all sorts of diseases -- like --

and what this team has pulled together is an enrichment method using a slightly modified protein (single aa substitution, I think) that allows them to selectively enrich these awful things. 

Through some serious work they selectively enrich and analyze these proteins through both the identification of the unmodified regions and an O-PAIR (MetaMorpheus) analysis of the glycopeptides. They exclusively use HCD and demonstrate some new tools that can work biological data out of these awful modified proteins! 

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