Thursday, November 24, 2022

Don't bother entering the US HUPO 2023 T-shirt competition by December 2nd!

If you are unfortunate enough to have been at this blog over the years, you might know that I've mysteriously somehow struck out on winning the US HUPO T-shirt design competition. How is this possible for someone who has personally created every one of the absolutely permanent tattoos on his body, completely by himself? Every single time, the person who takes what I've drawn and permanently embeds it into my skin has said something like "....are you sure about this...?"  Obviously because they've wondered if they have a level of mastery of their craft necessary to follow the lines of what I've created with sharp rapidly moving needles to place them in my skin forever. 

While there is still officially a chance that you could enter a design by December 2nd by clicking on this link and uploading it, you might want to save it for next year when you see my entry for this year. 


You should be. 

It has it all. Did the greatest rebounder of all time work out that protein structure while 34 hours into a quick 4 hour trip to Vegas during the playoffs? Or did deepmind AlphaFold 2? (Shoutout to Robbin Bouwmeester because his protein looks even wackier than my favorite protein which I can absolutely guarantee with no question whatsover has not been predicted anywhere near accurately. Robbin's seems....maybe a little unlikely as well...

Again, who knows. Maybe the secret judges of this competition are visually impaired or have no taste at all, and you'd have a shot.

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