Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography of Peptides for Bottom-Up Proteomics: An Amazing Tutorial


Since you've got some HPLCs in your lab connected to your mass spectrometers, you run the risk of people thinking that you have some idea how to do chromatography. Depending on how good your job security is you can either be honest "I actually don't know anything about chromatography, but MY DOG, I hate every one of those things" or you can pretend you actuall know what you're doing. 

What if there was a 3rd way? Could you learn about chromatography? Does anyone out there know enough about chromatography to make a tutorial dumded down to the level mass spectrometrists might understand it? 

Hell yeah there is! 

Well....I got to the point where there were prefixes and suffixes in the same formula and figured that was far enough to write a blogpost on it.

However, someone in this group clearly understands chromatography and they tried really hard to get this information into something that we can reference. As they note repeatedly, to get the maximum level of performance out of these instruments you absolutely need to get great chromatography and this is THE tutorial that can help you get from meh to amazing. 

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