Sunday, November 20, 2022 forum is up to 944 members!


With the whole Twitter implosion thing in high gear and me stuck on a bunch of paper proofs rather than getting my Mastodon socials set up, it is cool to see that the subreddits for our community are really starting to grow.  r/massspectrometry forum is at almost 5,000 members as of this morning. 

More importantly, I'm super pumped to see that r/proteomics is continuing to grow. 944 this morning!! 

Blog rules state that this video is a mandatory insertion. 

For real, though, even with a relatively small community we've seen some increasingly sophisticated questions posted here and get answers. However -- no joke -- don't be afraid to post questions that maybe aren't as sophisticated. Proteomics has been moving really fast, too fast for books and tutorials to really keep up. It is fun to see a question from someone just getting started in the field get immediately answered with links to relevant and current resources. 

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