Monday, November 7, 2022

The Molecular Human!


I suspect that we're about to see the floodgates open wide now that SomaScan and O-link have gotten some level of acceptance for their ability to do huge throughput studies and here is a taste of what we can expect! 

A moderately sized study that was obviously really expensive and designed by a committee with some really great intentions and some solid bioinformatics visualization people! 

What did they do? Well, they somehow got 300 or so participant samples of 3 types (blood, plasma, and urine) and they did all the -omics! Then they built this Shiny app!

Before you do anything else, I STRONGLY suggest you make a network and then click on the center thing in that network and drag it around. 

I wish I had time to make a .gif of it! Here I've clicked on the star and then just hold your mouse clicker thing and drag it around the screen really fast. I don't know how they did, that and I know someone to ask.  It is really really fun and, unless I'm missing something big in this preprint, supplemental data or clicking around in the app, it might be all that they did with this patient cohort.

I swear, every one of these next gen proteomics papers that I've really put any time in makes me feel like almost 30 years of headbanging finally did catch up to me the way my Mom said it would. I get to the end and I can't figure out why they did it, what they were trying to accomplish and how it could possibly benefit anyone or anything in any possible way. 

Again. Probably just mushed my brain, but I did enjoy this cool Shiny web effect and I'm using it later for sure! 

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