Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Dark Proteome Database!!

(Borrowed this image from ChemistryWorld -- here)

I LOVE talking to people about the dark proteome. I seriously think there is some fundamental biological process occurring in all cells that we don't know about yet. Maybe I'm crazy, but when you realize that we can't identify MOST of the MS/MS spectra we get, it does suggest something like that - right?

This new paper doesn't diminish this idea at all! 

I love the name of this journal! Just added it to my "watch" list.

In this study, these authors construct a database of the stuff proteomics doesn't identify -- and -- holy cow, it's super weird!

They test a lot of the presumed assumptions -- like, these are alternative cleavage events, or intrinsically disorders -- and find that these assumptions fall well short of the whole.

Okay -- so how about this for cool -- they rate entries according to their "level of darkness" in the database.

I'll be honest. I'm in the web interface now (which you can directly access here) and -- while cool -- I can't come up with a good idea of how I would/could utilize it right now. Considering the fact I just resigned myself to the fact I will never find my car keys again and I swear I just had them -- maybe I just need (a lot) more espresso this morning!

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