Friday, September 15, 2017

Make a histogram of up to 300 masses in 10 bins in 5 seconds!

Feel free to react like miss Jones above because, yes this is totally the laziest thing ever. However -- if you need to make a histogram in 5 seconds and you aren't real concerned about what people think about you or your computational skills --- I present the Social Science Statistics Histogram tool!

Put up to 300 masses in the box -- and BOOM!

Laziest mass distribution histogram of all time!

I made an assertion today regarding small molecule quan and a much smarter person challenged that assertion. This little tool proved in 5 seconds (maybe minutes to cut the data from the CSV file...that I opened in Excel first...which I hope elicits more eyerolls...) that I was completely wrong!!  I'd based my entire mental framework on what I know from HRAM peptide quan and one small molecule anecdote from a study I worked on last year.  Is there anything cooler than finding out you are completely wrong about something? It made my day for sure! Sure, there are 100 ways to make a better histogram, but I'd argue there isn't a faster one.

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