Sunday, September 10, 2017

Find out how much protein you have -- and how many copies per cell!!!

This new review is short and fantastic!!

I love it because it immediately clarified some things in my head regarding the application of the Total Protein and Proteomics Ruler approaches that can determine:

1) the absolute abundance of proteins in a mixture and
2) the copy numbers of each protein in each cell of your lysate

If I'm honest, I was confused by these two techniques -- when to apply where and with whom. This sets it all out clearly and makes it seem like something that can be easily applied to every LFQ dataset!

In case you were wondering -- yeah...I did order that ruler.... I had some half idea of posing one of my dogs with a meter stick...but couldn't find one anywhere. Ebay solved both problems at once. I'm going to call it the Pugeomic Ruler in honor of this awesome technique that I understand a whole lot better thanks to this great review!

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