Saturday, September 16, 2017

msVolcano -- Visualize quantitative proteomic data!

Want to visualize any quantitative proteomic data out of any platform or processing pipeline? Want that output to look like a scientist did it?

Check out msVolcano! 

This should not be confused with Ms. Volcano which I just discovered is a pop song that I could not handle in it's entirety...shudders....

While optimized for MaxQuant output, it sure looks to me like you just need to move some columns around if you are using Protoeme Discoverer or other software packages...but I haven't verified.

While it definitely seems valuable for any dataset, the authors stress the power this workflow has in terms of affinity purification and affinity enrichment experiments!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. There is alot of love these days for affinity proteomics analysis platforms. A similar one was published last year