Sunday, March 24, 2024

SEER Proteograph prepped plasma on TIMSTOF Pro2 and HT!


There has been lots of excitement (and some scary good data) out of the SEER proteograph system for plasma proteomics.

Here is some more! 

While the authors clearly intended this to be more of a comparison of two very nice recently released instruments in their lab, as you can probably see from the figure at the top, the proteograph steals the show.

Clearly the 14-bit digitizer and higher capacity TIMS improve identifications, but the plasma precursors go up 3x - 4x when moving the prep to a kit that I have absolutely no idea at all how any of you can afford to use. 

The peptide loading plots are also really cool. I've never considered running over 400ng on the TIMSTOF Flex, and we only use that much when we use the EvoSep which runs closer to microflow than nanoflow levels. 

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