Tuesday, March 26, 2024

5-plex your data INdependent analysis methods by modifying dimethyl tags!

This has sat with a bookmark on it for quite a while I hoped that I'd remember to ask someone intelligent questions about it. 

Multiplexing DIA sounds like either the best or worst of both worlds. More samples/day but you've increased the complexity of your background so those magical neural network thingies have to think a lot harder. 

There is very little chance I'd consider 2-plexing my DIA. That isn't worth it to me in any way at all. 3-plex? That is enough that I bought reagents so I could eventually try it, but I haven't been anywhere near excited enough to actually do the try part. 

5-plex? That's worth thinking about. 5-plex without fancy expensive labeling kits? That's worth bookmarking.

Disclaimer: I've never dimethyl-labeled. I feel like there is some drawback to it, like the tags shift the retention times just a tiny bit? I forget. Again, meant to do some background research - and didn't.

You can read about it here!

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