Thursday, March 21, 2024

Deep learning - of glycopeptides!?!?!?


Okay.....on the surface this was first surprising that the first PTMs we'd see deep learning successfully applied to en masse was going to be glycopeptides. Then I thought....well...the problem is the stupid sugars all have the exact same masses. 

Here is an illustration from an unrelated study for fragmenting the fragments of the fragments to figure out what a glycan chain actually is because the fragments of the fragments of these important glycan chains still have the EXACT SAME MASSES. 

So maybe this isn't the biggest stretch in the world ever (link to this paper and topic of this post). 

Unlike the topic of yesterday's post, this tool is still in the - you need some skill with a computer to actually use it - but if you have such skills you can get DeepGlyco here. It does require installation on GPU for the deep learning magic. 

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