Friday, March 22, 2024

Registration is open for Cold Spring Harbor Proteomics Course 2024!


Do you want to buckle down and spend 2 straight weeks learning proteomics? 

There is probably no better way to make that happen than getting accepted at the Cold Spring Harbor proteomics course. You can apply here

I'm lucky enough to have been able to participate as a guest instructor twice in the past at this amazing workshop. I did have to take it off of my CV, however, because I'm not listed on the website as an instructor. 

The way I've described it to people is "Sunday night it's a bunch of people in a room with a slide deck that says "What is proteomics". Later that week there are 10 people crowded around an instrument monitor at 1:30 am watching phosphopeptides someone taking the course prepped themselves finally start eluting and fragmenting off an instrument someone taking the course is running themself. Then everyone celebrates!" 

It might have changed I was there a long time ago. 

If you do get to go pay very very close attention to the train station map. There are ZERO sidewalks and a windy back road with New York drivers so you and your roller bag may have to rapidly dive off the road with your roller bag if you walk in from the wrong stop. (Story I heard from someone who is very bad at maps). 

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