Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Webinar -- Process Proteomics Samples with an OpenTrons!


I've probably rambled about OpenTrons here before. It's a $3500, $4000, $5000 autopipetting robot. If you google it and don't have a great AdBlocker enabled you will never ever forget about it. Their advertising game is fierce. I've bought a couple over the years at various stops for various purposes. (We've actually got a preprint out and paper submitted on another way to use one).

From previous posts you might find on the blog, I can say that the interface has improved markedly since the first one I ordered (which was Python only). There is a really intuitive little interface for it and the library of methods are improving all the time. 

These people (one you might recognize) are going to show you how to process a ton of proteomics samples with one! 

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