Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tutorial -- Proteomic biomarker discovery and validation!

If y'all haven't noticed, there are warning signs everywhere that Proteomics is going to have to grow up soon. The real world is starting to pay attention to us and that means really good and really bad things, depending on your perspective.

Bad things?

There is going to be increasing pressure against us playing mad scientist (prepping every sample a different way and messing with those irresistible buttons on those instruments). 

The people best able to resist pushing buttons are the ones that are going to win all the grants and external funds.

We're all going to have to use robust statistics (or collaborate with someone who does). I tutored undergrad statistics in's tempting to think it's in this here brain somewhere...nah... I'm going collaborator hunting! 

Good things! 

We're about to get our shot to prove that we can be as good as, if not better, (better!) than all the other -omics technologies. 

We've got a shot to be THE driving force for the next phase of medicine! 

If you're a crazy mad scientist (or analytical chemist) and you want to know how to be on the front wave of how proteomics is going to change the world, I can't point you toward a better starting point than this killer tutorial. 

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